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Arran Port Finish | 50.0% | Islands
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Distillery Info
Arran Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1995 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #81   |   19/11/16   |   Hosted by Martin
Another trip down to Porty, this time to have an evening of 'porty' whiskies: A port cask, a Port Askaig, a Portonova, a Westport and a Port Finish! We were fully in sup-port of this venture..
Other bottles sampled:
#182 Westport 2006 WhB | SSWC review 81b
#183 Amrut Portonova #12 | SSWC review 81c
#184 Port Askaig 100 | SSWC review 81d
#185 Tomatin 14yo Port | SSWC review 81e
Soap? Fish. Toasted marshmallows. That play dough smell that quite a few red wine finishes have. Stewed plums. Cherries. A lovely grapefruit. A wee bit minty. R Kelly.
Some random herbal liquor . Spicy mulled wine. Golden syrup. Thai curry (green). Zingy. Toothpaste enjoyment. Liquorice. Young and spicy. Quite herbal. What I remember of the taste of tarragon. Euthymol (but bad). A quick burst of caramel and then pretty sour. Sagey. Quite sour and bitter.

  Meet 81   |   An inoffensive start to the evening, nice bottle too.   (5 photos)
Sour sweets. Black pepper. Mint toffee. Hot. Bitter. Sour. Medium length, gloopy & warming. Licking mouldy wall paper. Sweeter, peppery. Oops that was meant to be finish 🙊.
Something interesting in there trying to get out. 6. A steaky peppercorn sauce ( or perhaps that's the cheese straws). Test.
~£42 (70cl)
68 / 100

AliN/A Ali G7 Christina4.2 ClaireN/A EuanN/A FranN/A Giles6 Hamish4 Huw6 Iain7.5 JamesN/A JamieN/A Liz4 MartinN/A NicolaN/A Phil6.5 Ruth HN/A ShelleyN/A StevenN/A Avg.5.7