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SMWS G3.8 Caledonian 35yo | 53.9% | Grain
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Distillery Info
Caledonian Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1855 | silent
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Meet Deets
Meet #67   |   18/09/15   |   Hosted by Phil
Our first SSWC Walking Tour around the closed and remnant distilleries of Edinburgh. And why can't a walking tour of Edinburgh also shoe-horn in a cheeky Kavalan tasting outside the Taiwanese Embassy?
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It was out first SSWC Walking Tour - and we sourced an old bottle of Caledonian to try on the site of the (semi-demolished) distillery. Throw in a bit of history, research and hip flasks - and we're good to go: Windowlene, sunscreen.. "Are there any other -een endings it smells like?". Maybelene! (maybe she's born with it..). Pine resin (reseen?). It had a woody smell and was a touch appley - with a sort of paint / stripper thing going on. A taster from afar suggested buttery wood varnish (oh yeah, that!), pineapple and banana, candied things.
Sweet at the beginning and "quite weird". Perhaps "intriguing" would've been a better word, but we didn't use it. For its weirdness was generally appreciated: Tastes "de-lish" and unlike a grain. In fact, this could easily be an island dram - it's sweet and then... smoky? It's hard to categorise but it "doesn't taste like rat piss", which is always a bonus. Quite acidic (lime juice?), not necessarily in a bad way. Very appley, fizzy drops, "like it". Weird - in a good way. Our proxy-taster thought it was like golden syrup.

  Meet 67   |   Aerial photos on the old Caledonian chimney, Edinburgh.   (4 photos)
Finish & Comments
Surprisingly bitter was one of the only finishes we came up with, but it also had a spiciness - perhaps a wasp sting? (said with love). Proxy-finishes were: salt, a little more banana, a chili hit, and tropical fruit. It was really nice to try this on the site of the old distillery - and what a great dram as well! You can also check out a previous review of SMWS G3.4 on the grains site.. these old Caledonians seem consistently interesting.
~£108 (70cl)
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