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G + M Clynelish 2000 | 46.0% | Highland
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Distillery Info
Clynelish Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1872 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #92   |   27/01/18   |   Hosted by Shelley
Fourteen people piled into a small lounge and drink 4 bottles of whisky between them. The result? A mixed bunch of reviews!
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#215 G&M Bunnahabhain 2006 | SSWC review 92d
Do spiders smell of anything? If they do, then this was it - or perhaps, it was meant as a certain pricklyness on the nose… we may never know. There was also herby foam sweets, bacon dust and Pink Lady apples - later made into apple sauce. It was deemed to be delicate as well as resembling a dewy morning. Dessicated coconut became a Bounty bar, whilst minty oranges and Nordic spice mixed to flavour a spiced rum. Also, dates.
Lime cordial, red grape juice and the syrup in glace cherries starts us off with a fruity vibe, souring towards lemons. Then Zimbabwean mint & lamb crisps take us in an unusual direction before we're redirected to herbs and freshly cut grass. Roast pork and yoghurt sounds like a tasty dish, but it's all washed down with evil gingerbread! There's still time to buy some roses, have an Indian takeaway and brush your teeth with the classic... it's toothpaste!

  Meet 92   |   A classic G&M bottling, and from a very well-liked distillery   (4 photos)
A spicy finish (particularly after a big gulp) with hot rose syrup and iron. Spices - black pepper and wasabi without the kick, furthered by Ambrosia custard, butterscotch and blackcurrant.
Seems to have been summed up as Nordic spice again, whatever that is! It's an afternoon / lunchtime dram or a 'conservatory whisky' or one had in a vestibule.
87 / 100

Ali G6.9 Giles7 Hamish6.8 Iain8 Jamie7.5 Laura7.2 Liz9.7 Lucy6 Martin7.1 NicolaN/A Phil7 Saskia7.9 Shelley7.1 Stewart8 Avg.7.4