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Floki Sheep Dung | 47.0% | Iceland
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Meet #84   |   18/03/17   |   Hosted by Shelley
A mixed evening of interesting bottles. From an SMWS Glen Scotia to an Icelandic 'whisky', a Japanese blend and a private cask bottle from Glenglassaugh.
Other bottles sampled:
#190 Taketsuru Pure Malt | SSWC review 84a
#191 SMWS 93.71 | SSWC review 84b
#193 Glenglassaugh PC | SSWC review 84d
This was 'whisky' smoked with sheep dung. Oh god. And it wasn't even whisky, just young spirit... Anyway: Tangy Toms. Smells a lot like manure. Wooo. Oh my god, holy fuck tomatoes, it does not smell of quality, smells of shit, farmyard new make, oil smell of sheep wool, a running dairy farm, worst smell ever, wet sheeps wool, plasticine, illegal whisky that makes you go blind, tangy toms, hay, animal.
Unicorn belly button lint. Grass, cheese, dung!, like eating twigs, loads of organic matter had gone through some process and then been deposited, tastes like how frozen spinach smells, Layers pellets, Brie cheese, like walking into a farm shop and buying farm shit, DUNG.

  Meet 84   |   It's fair to say this is one of the worst things ever created...   (4 photos)
I have loads left, like joke sweets where you laugh at someone, long finish, FARM!!! Definitely interesting.
Dear fucking god. This isn't whisky. Sweet mother hubbard. The Club's all time favourite :).
~£90 (50cl)
23 / 100

Ali1.5 Ali G3 Huw2 IainN/A Lucy3.1 Martin0.1 Oli0.5 Phil0.1 Shelley3.5 Avg.1.7