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Cadenhead Club Glen Grant 25yo | 50.8% | Speyside
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Distillery Info
Glen Grant Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1840 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #100   |   17/11/18   |   Hosted by Phil
Our 100th Meet! We decamped to Falkland Palace for a weekend in a cottage and a crazy lineup of drams - but all for charity. A good way for SSWC to sign out :)
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Marzipan, smell would confirm the sherry cask, Olbas Oil, Bovril, raisins that have been steeping wine for too long, figs, Black tea, bananas, a pleasantly sweaty chest, Brandy in an old woodden drinks cabinets (tool(s?) pale(te)?), pepper dulse. Smarties make me naughty" Candy floss, vanilla, blackcurrants. The smell would confirm the sherry cask.
Hot & sour, stewed tea, dry red wine. Nose better than taste, just like a man in a tuxedo. A man in a Tuxedo, Cola, stewed prunes, mouldy fruit, like a rolling stone, a lot less intense than the nose, like the Ben Nevis 49yo (30% 'whisky').

  Meet 100   |   A Cadenhead Club bottle to celebrate our many bottles from their shop...   (4 photos)
Dry & long.
Fresh but woody. Fresh butt woody. Not as tasty as it smelled, Staind, maybe nicer if it weren't in a sherry cask, I like it more than the first one
~£83 (70cl)
78 / 100

Ali6.8 Ali G4 Christina6 Claire6.7 Giles7 Hamish6.7 Huw7 Iain5.6 Jamie7.4 Laura7 Martin7.3 NicolaN/A Phil6.5 Russell7.2 Saskia7.2 Shelley6.7 Avg.6.6