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Amrut Peated Cask Strength | 62.8% | India
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Meet #67   |   18/09/15   |   Hosted by Phil
Our first SSWC Walking Tour around the closed and remnant distilleries of Edinburgh. And why can't a walking tour of Edinburgh also shoe-horn in a cheeky Kavalan tasting outside the Taiwanese Embassy?
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Syrupy on the nose, lead to "it is quite, errr, what's the word? Erm.. I guess syrupy covers it". The peat is just about detectable.. "I'm going to say lavender flavoured". *silence* ..then.. "what did you say? What the fuck did you say?". From another reviewer: "no way." Talk of it smelling like a Jalfrezi was laughed away (as intended), but a suggestion that it was like "old woman-y perfume" wasn't (as intended). Then from nowhere, despite the previous disgust at the suggestion of lavender, everyone agrees it's like lavender perfume (much like your gran might wear). Like a fresh garden - soily and springy (summarised as an allotment). Also talc. For one, it took a long time to get over the sweetness of the nose, but once their nose was calibrated to it, a lot of stuff came out (of the whisky, I hope). We had a taster a few hundred miles away trying this too: burnt sugar, caramelised banana, mild with a subtle smoke and a little TCP..
A tingle on the tongue - the flavours don't stay constant, it dances with you. Quite a salty ham thing at one point. If it were going to taste of an Embassy in the world, it would be the cigarette."A bit foosty" was mocked for the frequency it comes up, with a suggestion this may mean it's like an old Greek man's perfume.

The lavender controversy and the foosty fiasco.

Quite subtle cosidering its strength, with one adding that it may have an after-taste of rubber - but perhaps that was just due to the rubbery fun preceding (that link is entirely safe for work - despite how it might sound). The fact this was being tasted on India Street was revealed to one unsuspected party, who was blown away by the genius of the situation (!). Our distant taster went for: kind of biscuity, rich red wine, honey and cloves (on ham), and sweet sherry - nice and pleasant.

  Meet 67   |   Indian whisky brought 'home' to India Street in Edinburgh.   (4 photos)
Finish & Comments
Not much chat about the finish, but the whole package was deemed to be interesting. Considering this was the last whisky of a reasonable prolonged whisky walking tour, it went down pretty well, and was very consistently scored, considering everyone was tipsily happy to speak their minds. Perhaps a bit more focus from our proxy-taster roxy views: More burnt sugar and a little smokiness
~£40 (70cl)
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