The Southside Whisky Club  

10 of our regular members decamped to Robert Graham's Canongate whisky shop for an official tasting session, hosted by Andreas. Five whiskies (and nearly three hours) later, we'd all learned a fair bit about the world of whisky and some of its creations. Here is what we can recall about each bottle:

Deanston 15yo | Perthshire
Nose: Fruity, apples and banoffee pie, with a nice drizzle of honey.
Taste: Sweet, vanilla and fresh fruit.
Finish: Sweetness with a slight souring.
Score: 7.2/10

Speyside 17yo | Speyside
Nose: Earthy, dried druits.
Taste: More earthy richness, Christmas. A medicinal start, but a sweeter end.
Finish: Slight watering with time.
Score: 6.4/10

Glenallachie 1995 | Speyside
Nose: Ethanol, slightly medicinal and sweet.
Taste: Boosh! Strong and spicy, with a complex sweetness coming through.
Finish: Lasting sweetness, smaller spicy notes.
Score: 7.5/10

Hoebeg | Islay
Nose: Bam! Strong peat smoke, medicinal and coal-tar soap.
Taste: More fire-smoke than peat with medicial notes. Savoury and dry.
Finish: Dissipates too quickly, a smoky goodbye.
Score: 6.1/10

Highland Park 13yo | Orkney
Nose: Rich, fruity - some toffee in there?
Taste: Complex - Slight spice, slight smoke, slight citrus. Boiled fruit sweets.
Finish: Stays complex as it hangs around - appley smoky notes.
Score: 7.6/10