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Ledaig Celebration of the Cask 17yo | 49.7% | Island
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Distillery Info
Tobermory Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1798 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #60   |   21/02/15   |   Hosted by Shelley
It was a birthday bash, featuring a bag full of whiskies and a can of Buckfast. Although these were never combined (were they?!), would we be tempted?
Other bottles sampled:
#119 Jura SM 2008 | SSWC review 60a
#120 Hazelburn 11yo 2000 | SSWC review 60b
Unmistakeably like a farmyard in the early morning, overwhelming fresh wafts of new rubber wellies, hay, green cow pats and silage run off (in a good way)! Coriander and over cooked cabbage mingle with a definite ‘Iron’ smell of blood – raw black pudding to be exact. Perhaps a wee bit feisty like Atomic fire balls or even ‘Hepatitis E’. Possibly doesn’t invoke fond memories for all: “If I’ve had a normal Ledaig recently I’ll throw it over the person to the left of me!”
Medicinal, smoky, minty and bitter, balanced with a wholemeal digestive biscuit.

In summary, these images should say it all - it’s like:

  - Iain doing the Vault in gymnastics
  - Being slapped in the face if you like pain
  - Sitting on a lemon when you’ve cut your bum
  - An intravenous tap to a pig.

  Meet 60   |   Our first Càrn Mòr bottling. It's Gaelic for 'incredible booty'.   (3 photos)
Finish & Comments
Unbalanced like Laphroaig on Steroids! Lemonade and burnt toffee. Not too endearing like a cold hearth or licking concrete ---- GRIM!
~£80 (70cl)
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WhiskyBase: Ledaig 1997 CM   |
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66 / 100

Average score

Detailed scores (out of 10)
Ali: 4
Ali G: 3
Fran: 2.5
Giles: 7.5
Iain: 5.5
Jamie: 8.5
Liz: 6.8
Phil: 3.5
Shelley: 7.8
Tasting Game Points (out of 0)
No scores available.


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