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SMWS G10.1 Strathclyde 23yo | 59.6% | Grain
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Distillery Info
Strathclyde Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1997 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #39   |   06/07/13   |   Hosted by Phil
It was time to give a few grain whiskies a chance, after only dabbling in one or two over the past years. Will they be corny disasters or a grainy utopia?
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Mostly sweet and fruity on the nose but tarnished (?) by a late night burger: candyfloss and muscovado sugar move into pear drops and apple strudel. With that dessert-y concoction you pop into a McDonalds and try to exchange a dirty penny and a glass of varnish for a burger - it works!
Other alcohols come to mind: Becherovka, Advocaat and Jägermeister without sugar. It definitely tastes better than it smells and surprises some - sweetness pervades, light brown sugar, Toffo lollipops, toffees with mint inside, peppermint creams. In fact, it's not just peppermint creams, it's sugary peppermint madness! Dates start to bridge the gap from sweet to savoury whilst yams take it a step further, nicely leading into a bit of seasoning to finish things off, in the form of black pepper. Oh, one more thing, a "facebook like".

  A recent bottling from SMWS, this is the first release from the Strathclyde distillery.
Finish & Comments
The end notes provide a bit of flash fire causing some insurance damage to the flavours: pepper spray and chilis start the emergency, with burnt sugared-apple and burnt birch bark hampering the rescue efforts - once inside, the air is still tingly and a smell of vinegar lingers. After the wash-down, a bit of salted caramel eases the tensions and sweetens the memories.

~£62 (70cl)
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