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Westport 2006 WhB | 52.4% | Highland
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Distillery Info
Glenmorangie Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1843 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #81   |   19/11/16   |   Hosted by Martin
Another trip down to Porty, this time to have an evening of 'porty' whiskies: A port cask, a Port Askaig, a Portonova, a Westport and a Port Finish! We were fully in sup-port of this venture..
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Younger spirit. Like James Dean's early career. Lemon mint. Juicy fruit chewing gum. James Phillip Kembal's travelling corkscrew. Grand mariner? Raspberry wine. Maple syrup. Fermented (mouldy) banoffee pie. Slashing meadow grass. Slashing meadow grass. Some sort of crazy candied fruit. Fresh dough. Violin Resin (Ali). Date syrup.
Lacking sweetness, but not 'dry' as such. Hot, with a mighty boosh (one of the weaker episodes). Tastes well fruity, a bit like the juice box beer. Creamy Fudge. Adrenaline/ fear. Beef. Almond paste. Nutty. Nutty. Spiced irn bru with saline droplets. Cardamom. Cardamom. Pear drops (classip HP). Tamarind. Spiced irn bru with saline droplets.

  Meet 81   |   A teaspooned Glenmorangie, by all accounts...   (5 photos)
Glenlessangie. Short, dry and tangy. Sour. Limes. Very long. Soured marzipan. Aloe vera and short.
Not too sure about this one.. Think they needed more teaspoons.. Bit trigger happy with the happy/sad button there. This seems like a good venue for Xmas club. Bit more toffee over time, might upgrade my score. The chorizo flavoured crisps are mad. Looks like I chose the wrong week to quit sniffing glue. Oops, I forgot to change bottle, those last 3 comments were for the Amrut.
~£46 (70cl)
73 / 100

Ali4.5 Ali G6.7 Christina6.2 ClaireN/A EuanN/A FranN/A Giles7 Hamish6.8 Huw6.5 IainN/A JamesN/A JamieN/A LizN/A MartinN/A NicolaN/A Phil6 Ruth HN/A ShelleyN/A StevenN/A Avg.6.2