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Meet #75   |   14/05/16   |   Hosted by Giles
We headed down to Portobello to lounge around by the sea (inside) and taste a few mystery drams - whiskies from an undisclosed distillery, from both home and abroad.
Other bottles sampled:
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#164 Abbey Anon 14yo | SSWC review 75b
#166 Islay House Malt 9yo | SSWC review 75d
Big nose twat. Almonds, salted caramel. Promise. Not sure I like the nose. Bit sickly. Iain - too old for my taste buds. Cheap plastic toys. Sheila- a bit like boot polish, but not like stinky boot polish. Hefty. Coffee cream and coal tar soap.
Appley. Slightly attacking. Doesn't beat dry dick - Sheila. Feels overaged maybe. Lilies and liquorice- ally g. Treacle wood varnish. Iranian lime. Spicy, chilli dark chocolate. Hazelnuts.

  Meet 75   |   We forgot to take a photo, but this should give some idea..   (4 photos)
Creamy. Iranian lime.
Not sure about this. It's not bad, just a bit.. Intense. Got wood?
~£65 (70cl)
79 / 100

Ali5.8 Ali GN/A Christina7.5 GilesN/A Hamish6.8 Iain6.5 Jamie7.9 Laura7.5 LizN/A Lucy4.9 NicolaN/A Phil5.7 Shelley7.3 Avg.6.7