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Macduff 9yo WB | 56.5% | Highland
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Distillery Info
MacDuff Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1960 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #79   |   17/09/16   |   Hosted by Ali
This was one of our rare proxy tastes, with two teams tasting in different towns. MacDuff vs Springbank, Edinburgh vs North Berwick.
Other bottles sampled:
#177 Springbank 12yo CS | SSWC review 79b
Despite its relative youth, this reminds us of several things connected (albeit tangentially) with the elderly. We've got granny smith toffee apples and a Werther's original, perhaps given to a grandchild. It's a whisky being opened in an old house, while sitting on a cracked leather chair, amongst dust and mothballed clothes, smoking French vanilla tobacco. Other than that, it's serving up a smorgasbord of deserts - hot banana with caramel biscuits, poached pears, stollen and fruit salad.
This has a strong, distinguished sweetness. It's gloopy, like treacle or golden syrup. We taste old-school sweets and, displaying scant regard for the actual process involved, honey "direct from a bee's bum". It brings the spice too, with chilli and clove flavours lingering through the finish. As it warms up, a certain minty dimension is revealed. Also, we think this might be a remedy for something as we're getting Benelyn, cough sweets, and iodine.

  Meet 79   |   Also known as Glen Deveron but not in this case..   (2 photos)
It's a really interesting long and warming finish, continuing the spicy/sweet/sour theme - we're tasting pepper, chilli jam, marmalade, goosberries and apples and banana foam sweets.
We were so specific that no general comments were needed.
~£40 (70cl)
81 / 100

Ali7.3 Christina6 Giles7 Iain7.5 Jamie6 Liz6.6 Martin7.3 Phil7.7 Shelley6.7 Avg.6.9