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Bruichladdich 24yo small batch | 53.3% | Islay
Savoury Fruity Wood Flavour Profile Search
Distillery Info
Bruichladdich Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1881 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #83   |   04/02/17   |   Hosted by Phil
3 Cadenhead's bottles, from varying series - all not cheap, all supposedly good - what will the verdict be?
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Old orange skin. Cloves. Sort of cardboardy. Fruit cake. Goes up your nose a bit. Baked onions, parma violets, wee bit floral but not overly so, fanta, makes you think of that breed of tiny horse, sweet cure bacon. Chocolate and cinders.
Something really interesting going on here - a mad mix of spices and old wood. Oniony. Lychees. Something a bit chinese going on. Tom yum soup. Undercooked bean burger, brown sauce, plummy, lovely, really nice, marmitey - umami, orange, Chunky Norwich, fennel,. Vanilla and green tea.

  Meet 83   |   A Brruichladdich at 24 years of age? Yes please...   (3 photos)
Long. Raw tobacco.
Absolute banger! I fucking love it. By far least creamy of the night. Onions was a great shout - it's got a really tasty savoury vibe.
~£70 (70cl)
90 / 100

Ali7.5 Ali G7.5 Christina8.5 GilesN/A Hamish7.8 Huw8 Iain6 JamesN/A Jamie8.5 LauraN/A Phil7.9 Shelley7.6 Avg.7.7