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WoodWinters 'Still Water' 23yo | 61.3% | Speyside
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Distillery Info
Longmorn Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1894 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #21   |   30/03/12   |   Hosted by Saskia
With reduced numbers, we opted to try a couple of cask strength lesser-known Speysides, from Longmorn and Mortlach.
Other bottles sampled:
#40 Mortlach 20yo WS | SSWC review 21b
Have we met somewhere before? You smell lovely. Quite bourbony…like a bourbony bourbon with a slice of orange in it, a bourbonesque bouquet. Terry’s chocolate orange? Yes - definitely citrusy. Fresh and fruity - cantaloupes, grape juice and fruit yoghurt that’s been left sitting out in the sun. Mmm, summer! But wait, does anyone else smell cloves? Will you stop cleaning that chalk-board duster in my face? That depends, will you stop sniffing my leather satchel? Fair enough.
A bit elusive to begin with – a rose petal dropped on your tongue, a ghostly presence. But swirl it around a bit and it goes mental! Crackly and abrasive – drawing comparisons to cheap tobacco and German sausage fresh off the griddle. Not greasy, mind, but creamy. Then comes dessert – meringue, sherbet dipper and candied treats. And finally, a little squeeze of lemon.

  This 23yo unmarked bottle is known to be a Longmorn - was quite a long eve too.
Finish & Comments
What? You’re back with that leather satchel? It’s Saturday night and the school disco’s in full swing (a lingering sense of cheesy 70s DJs). From savoury to sweet and then somewhere in between - pepper, popping candy and coffee granules. A mid-Atlantic gasp.
~£50 (50cl)
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79 / 100

Average score

Detailed scores (out of 10)
Hamish: 6.5
Huw: 7.3
Jamie: 6.4
Martin: 7.1
Phil: 6.6
Saskia: 6.8
Steve: 6.5
Tasting Game Points (out of 0)
No scores available.


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