A tasting site dedicated to silent stills.

Along with the Southside Whisky Club and GRAINS sites I run, I thought it was time to create a little space for reviews of Silent Stills.

'Silent Stills' are whiskies from closed distilleries, so are generally quite rare or expensive, and most likely both. I don't get a chance to taste these very often, so this space will be added to irregularly, but it's here for posterity anyway.

I'll add more here once I've begun to get a feeling for the limited number of closed distilleries that are available to sample, so watch this space. Watch it sporadically, mind.

Current Top 3s

Best Overall
8.3 / 10   yu 13yo
8.2 / 10   llas Dhu 1979 35yo
8.1 / 10   uizawa

Best Value
6.0 / 10   nlochy 1977 19yo
5.7 / 10   llas Dhu 1979 35yo
4.3 / 10   uizawa

Finally, one important aspect of this site (and my GRAINS site) is offering a 'value rating', showing how good a purchase each bottle would make. This isn't a simple thing to define, but on this site (through much trial-and-error), I've ended up using the following equation (normalised out of 10):

sshhh! value equation